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Product Information

Coat Models

One of the indispensable parts of cold weather and winter months is the coat. These pieces, which are saviors in cold weather, can be paired and used with many combinations. The coat, which is produced in thin and sometimes medium thickness, is designed to keep the user warm and to protect it from the cold. Coat models come in different forms.
Coats attract the attention of those around with their stylish and unique designs for both men and women. With many colors used such as black, brown, navy blue, white, it is possible to come across coats in every tone that comes to mind. Coat models are generally preferred more in winter.

What are the Coat Types?

The coats, whose models vary according to every taste and body type, are also divided into many types such as hooded, non-hooded, furry, quilted, cachet, inflatable.

Puffer Coats

It is one of the most preferred coat types in the winter months. With the oversize fashion of the last period, we can see that this trend is reflected in inflatable vests in winter wear. It provides extra warmth to people who use it in cold weather. It is a synthetic or naturally filled, stitched coat type with a fluffy appearance.

Cachet Coats

It is one of the indispensable parts of your business combinations on the one hand and your elegance on the other. Cachet fabric is a type of fabric that is woven and felted with thin yarns called strayhgarn, which provides ventilation. You can add elegance and richness to your look by combining checkered patterns or contrasting colors with geometric lines on stamp coats.

Quilted Coat

The models formed as a result of filling and sewing wool, cotton, fiber and various other materials are called quilting. In the sewing of quilted coats, lozenge, square and triangle patterns are also used a lot. Quilted coats come to the fore in autumn and winter seasons. Undoubtedly, it is one of the coats that can be preferred for its warmth, comfort and beautiful appearance.

Fur Coats

It will keep you warm and will be in front of you with a soft experience. It has a fluffy appearance as well as keeping you warm with its furry structure. You will not compromise your style with fur details.

Teddy Bear Coats

Coat models in the sense of teddy bears do not fall out of trends. You can go after the warmth and extraordinary look with teddy bear coats. You can wear the teddy bear coat with sneakers and jeans in your daily combinations. You can also add elegance to your style with the Teddy Bear coat. You can use it as both sporty and stylish with the shoes you choose and a stylish bag.