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Product Information

Uncteks offers you coats in the most suitable models and designs for your brand.

Although coats are an outerwear product that is noted for its colors, designs and textures, its main purpose is to keep users warm in cold weather conditions.

Especially in the winter months, the need for coats increases. Men’s coats have more specific models than women’s coats. For this reason, the designs and models of coats are similar in every season. However, in recent years, the variety of men’s coats has increased and coat models suitable for everyone’s style have met with their customers. In addition, many companies save time by choosing designs that can be produced as unisex instead of separately designing coats for their female and male employees. In addition, the fact that all employees wear coats in a certain model also contributes to the formation of a certain visual order within the company.

In order to say what kind of coat is more suitable for you, it is necessary to consider the usage area of the coat. For example, a coat designed for school may need to include functional pockets for students. For coats designed for work, it would be much more accurate to prefer coats with an interior design that will not make the user sweat while working. If you need to work in a outdoor area with heavy snow and rain, you should choose waterproof jackets.

The coats specially manufactured for your brand by Uncteks provide thermal insulation and thus, the breathable fabric does not make you sweat and does not restrict your comfort zone while moving.


What Should You Consider When Choosing a Coat?


There are some tricks you should pay attention to in order to choose the most suitable coat for your needs from Uncteks, which has special production and wholesale opportunities for brands in workplaces, schools, sports clubs and many other areas.

– Make sure that the jacket you choose has a waterproof and windproof material. In regions with very cold climates, it will not be useful to choose a coat that will not keep you warm.
– Choose products with the right insulation. Coats made using synthetic, feather and pile fabrics have insulation properties. But every material has its downsides. For example, down jackets are useful in terms of insulation, but should not be used in very humid areas. If the region receives too much rain, leather and wool coats will not work for you as they do not insulate.
– Pay attention to the zipper structure or snaps of your jacket. Quality zippers and snaps will extend the life of your coats. Uncteks takes care to choose the most durable materials for coats and other products for your comfort and long-lasting use.
– You should choose models with cuffs on the armholes. Because the cuffs or protection bands on the armholes prevent cold air from entering your inner body. Especially if you have a working environment in harsh weather conditions, it will be right to protect you from snow, rain and freezing cold that may come to your arms.
– You should choose the coat model that suits your body. Choosing the right size coat for your body will not restrict your mobility. For example, if you work in a job where you need to wear a jacket all the time, you may prefer a coat that is slightly larger than your body. In this way, you can move freely.
– Do not ignore the collar, hood and pocket details of the coats. Hooded coats are not regulated in many schools. Therefore, if you want to have coats manufactured for your school, you should pay extra attention to its design. Coats with mandarin collars are not preferred by sports clubs. Because athletes are people with a fast and mobile structure. Mandarin collar can slow down their movement and reduce the efficiency of the coat. Likewise, any rope detail to be used for athletes may result in a negative result by hitting their faces with a sudden movement.

In the coats manufactured by Uncteks, the designs for your preference meet with the right fabrics. Especially in winter coats, we manufacture warm coats suitable for every body, considering your brand’s logo, the style of your brand’s, the color tone suitable for your brand and the area where the coat will be used.