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Shirts are one of the most basic parts of the clothing industry. There are many shirts manufactured in different styles for men, women and children. It is used in many different situations, from daily life to special events. Shirts are usually made of cotton or linen fabric, with full or half buttons. Buttons are located on the front of shirts and are usually designed as hidden or visible buttons. The side of the buttons indicates the gender of the shirts. Collars usually have a flat or folded design and vary depending on the style of the shirt.

Type of Shirts

Shirts are often used for men’s workwear or for formal events. There are varieties such as plain colored, lightly patterned or striped shirts. It can be combined with a tie and a suit to create a stylish look. Shirts for women come in a wider range of styles and designs. For example, oversize shirts for women are manufactured with different fabrics and patterns and usually have a more loose and relaxed cut. Although the shirts vary seasonally, they are generally similar in type. In summer, shirts made of thin and light fabric are preferred, while in winter, shirts with thicker fabric and long sleeves are preferred.

Usage Areas of Shirts

Shirts are also used in different ways depending on the style or function of clothing. For example, polo shirts worn for sports purposes have short sleeves and open collar designs. Denim shirts, on the other hand, usually have a button-down and long-sleeved design. Shirts designed for workwear are made of higher quality fabrics and often have solid colored or slightly patterned designs.