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Wholesale Engineer Uniform Suit

The clothes preferred by people working as engineers in the construction sector should have a different function and a different appearance from other workwears. As Uncteks, we carefully manufacture a wide selection of engineer uniforms and workwears for engineers who usually work as managers or chiefs in workplaces.

In many sectors, especially in construction and site works, it is possible to distinguish people by evaluating them according to their clothes. Uncteks, which offers clothing options in accordance with the duties of each profession, meets your clothing needs in every profession you need, including protective clothing for engineers

Types of Engineer Uniforms

There are 2 types of products in the engineer uniform category. These are engineer safety vests and engineer pants.

Uncteks offers you the black, gray, neon, dark blue and blue colors of the engineer safety vest. Vests that cannot be opened easily with their zippered structure provide full protection. There is a metal accessory on the front where you can hang small hand tools such as meters and keys. You can easily be distinguished by engineer safety vests that make you shine everywhere with their gray neon stripes. In this way, you will be protected from possible work accidents.

Our vests have multifunctional pockets. Thanks to these pockets, your belongings do not take up much space and can be safely carried in your pocket. Engineer safety vests have a transparent section for your name ID. It is not difficult for your colleagues to remember your name with the name apparatus placed by Uncteks in a place where everyone can easily see it. Two-color engineer safety vests, which make things easier and practical for your work, give you privilege by keeping your position in the foreground.

Engineer’s pants manufactured by Uncteks are useful and comfortable, as well as providing a great advantage in supplying equipment with their pockets. Zippered and velcro pockets are located on the back, sides and knees of the pants. Correctly positioned pockets do not restrict your mobility. The fabric used in the engineer pant, which is waterproof and iron-free, is much stronger than other pants fabric types. Engineer pants with gray, black, blue, navy blue and neon colors have a wide range of sizes. Uncteks engineer uniforms, which come with many different size options from XS to 7XL, are manufactured in the highest quality, specially for you and your brand.