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Promotional Vest



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Product Information

Uncteks brings its carefully prepared products to its users. It exhibits approaches based on the user’s preferences. In product categories such as promotional products, the service is shaped according to the demands of the user. Uncteks, which includes different products, also produces vests. Brands and companies that want their employees to move comfortably can request vest production. Uncteks carries out its production by prioritizing the preferences of its users. Vests, which are very easy to use, can be of different colors and designs. The designs, which are shaped according to the preference of the brand, are generally created in line with the brand logo colors. In general, products consisting of one or two colors also allow users to combine them harmoniously with many different pieces. Employees can choose the specified shirt or t-shirt of the brand and combine it with a vest. The vests, which create a comfortable use, are suitable for wearing in different seasons. It can be preferred in the winter or autumn seasons, as well as in the spring time period. The sleeveless structure that increases the possibility of movement can be seen as an important reason to use these shirts actively in business life. It is very easy to find vests in various sizes, taking into account different body sizes, within the Uncteks brand.

Where can the vest be used?

In some cases, much more action may be needed during the working life process. Vests are a great convenience for such situations. Vests, which have fewer parts than jackets, can be preferred according to different seasons. Vests, in which occupational safety is also kept at the forefront, are produced by paying attention to the fabric. For winter months, fleece vests keep warm and do not hinder movement. For the summer months, vests that will keep you cooler and provide easy movement can be preferred. Under the Uncteks brand, vests are produced in which the employees can move easily. Various designs are put into service in line with the request of the company or formation. Vests can be easily used in working life or in any activity to be done.

Vest Prices

Uncteks manufactures many different products in a way that takes into account user satisfaction. At this point, more than one brand may request for wholesale products. However, it is among the possibilities for special production product demand. Many users may also want vests, apart from products such as jackets. Vests, which are easy to combine with different clothes, also create a comfortable process in terms of movement. Vest prices also vary according to the design and fabric condition. Price variability may occur depending on the seasonal situation. The fleece situation in the interior of the product may be reflected in the price element. Differences and requests in its design also affect the differentiation of the product in terms of price.