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Wholesale Workwear Fleeces

Fleece Workwears

All our fleece workwears are comfortable and versatile, suitable for most work environments. Fleece workwears have a warm and soft texture. Therefore, it is an excellent option that you can safely choose during the colder months of the year.
Fleece clothing works great when worn in the mountains, on the slopes and on cold days in the city. A fleece jacket or coat is a must-have item in the closet of anyone who enjoys outdoor activities.
Many companies prefer their workwear preference to fleece. Quality options such as jackets, coats, gloves, neck gaiters and beanies stand out in our fleece workwear collection. If you are looking for fleece workwears by giving importance to warmth, comfort and quality products, it is quite possible to reach different product options with Uncteks. Our products are long-lasting and useful, and you can use them even in your daily life on cold days.
Fleece workwear models

Fleece is a unique type of knitted fabric used mainly in the clothing industry. It is known for its excellent thermal insulation properties, so it effectively protects you against heat loss. Additionally, it is a hydrophobic material, meaning it is kind of waterproof. It protects its warming properties even when wet, which makes it superior to wool in this respect. Unlike wool, it is also suitable for allergy sufferers. Keep your staff warm with our wide range of work fleeces in a variety of styles, sizes and colours.

A fleece workwear should not hinder or restrict movement. The common point of all our fleece workwears is that they are equipped with many functional details. The high collar or hood in our fleece jackets and coats provides additional warmth. You’ll also find a wide variety of functional pockets, such as a chest pocket, front pocket and inside pocket. Thanks to these functional pockets, you can safely store your small items and your phone, while providing easy access. The fleece work glove, on the other hand, is intended to provide exceptional warmth for indoor cold spots such as freezers and cold stores, or for outdoor use on cold days. Our fleece neck gaiters and beanies are also designed to maintain body temperature in cold weather conditions.

Our fleece workwear product range includes fleece jackets, coats, gloves, neck gaiters and beanies, where you can feel comfortable while protecting your health in cold weather conditions.

How to choose a fleece workwear?

There are a few details that you should pay attention to when purchasing fleece workwears, such as the cut of the products and the material used. The design and cut of the products should not hinder or restrict your movement so that you can enjoy maximum comfort. Ergonomically manufactured Uncteks-Fleece Workwears offer you great freedom of movement. Material quality is also of great importance. A high-quality knitted fabric will not only be pleasant in texture, but will also be more resistant to damage. Thus, it will retain its properties and will last for years.

As a result, Fleece Workwears keep you warm, comfortable and durable against harsh weather conditions while working. It is always an indispensable option to protect your health.