Wholesale Work Vests

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Wholesale Work Vests

Work vests are among the most preferred work wears in indoor and outdoor areas for summer and winter seasons in business life. Work vests are constantly used by the construction industry, automotive industry, heavy industry industry, security industry, public institutions, cargo companies, health, logistics companies, the press, disaster teams. Because they are comfortable and convenient. That’s why they remain popular among work wears.

The vests, which are one of the types of work wears, providing comfort for the employee in terms of movement. At the same time, it provides protection in cold weather by covering the chest and back. The work vest made of light fabric, which is preferred for cargo and logistics companies, provides great comfort to employees. The use of multi-pocket work vests is generally preferred in construction and repair works. Small items are easy to carry in these pockets. Apart from being comfortable and useful, the work vest is also very important in terms of safety and branding. In addition, this situation is important in terms of corporate identity and image.

There are differences such as color and fabric according to the work areas where work vests will be used. For example, the reflective work vest used in road construction works will be a precaution against injuries in dark environments.

Logo and contact addresses can be embroidered on the chest and back areas of the work vests, which are manufactured in the desired style and color.

Work Vests Prices

There are many types of work vests. These are divided into types as summer-winter vests, raschel vests, reflective work vests, printed work vests. It is manufactured with different fabrics such as knitted fabric, single jersey fabric, pique fabric, interlock fabric, rib fabric, fleece fabric, three thread fabric, two thread fabric, terry fabric. It is produced in accordance with customer needs by paying attention to options such as color and pocket details. Work vest prices vary according to the product, the logo to be printed, its size and material.