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Wholesale Fleece Beanie



Product Information

Fleece Beanie

Uncteks, which offers its users more than one model variety, provides its customers a comfortable and stylish use with its fleece beanies. You can get styles suitable for your combination in individual purchases thanks to the various color options of the fleece beanies produced from quality polar fabric. In bulk purchases, it is possible to choose the color that suits your corporate identity at Uncteks, thanks to the color options.

Fleece beanies, which make you feel as if they don’t exist with their light structure, are complementary to one’s combinations and protect the person from the cold in spring and winter. Polar beanies, which can be designed according to the taste of the user or the needs of the institutions at Uncteks, appeal to all ages and all genders.

Types of prints on a fleece beanie

The printing process on fleece beanies can be applied in two different ways as embroidery and logo printing. The desired logo or pattern is applied on the fleece beanie with high quality yarn and dyes, thanks to the high quality embroidery and printing machines used.

Institutions that have their own brand identities printed on fleece beanies can represent their corporate identities while protecting themselves against the cold.
Fleece beanies are also often preferred when doing sports in the winter months.

Fleece Beanie Prices

The prices of fleece beanies at Uncteks vary according to the fabric, color, print and models. Quality threads are also used in the sewing process of fleece beanies made of quality fleece fabric. Uncteks, which also offers the customer the opportunity to customize the product, has printing, embroidery and fabric color options. Uncteks offers the customer a variety of materials and products. You can create an order by visiting uncteks.com.tr and make wholesale and retail purchases.