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Wholesale Mesh Cap



Product Information

The hat is one of the most preferred textile accessories, especially in summer, both to prevent the excessive heat of the sun and to protect the face from the sun.
As Uncteks, we bring you special design cap which made of sweatproof fabric and very stylish mesh that will accompany you in the summer months.
Each of the mesh caps have an adjustable structure. It easily adapts to many sizes thanks to the velcro fasteners on the back or the elastics they have.
Thanks to their fabric, summer mesh caps trap sweat in hot weather and offer a comfortable use.

Mesh Cap Usage Areas

Mesh caps are mostly used by athletes involved in various sports fields. Mesh caps, which are used for sun protection, especially for beach sports such as surfing training, are frequently preferred among many sports with their sweatproof feature and elegance.

Cotton fabric is generally preferred in the production of Uncteks branded mesh caps. Mesh caps, which are mostly used in summer days, gain a sweat-proof feature thanks to the cotton fabric used.

Mesh caps provide air flow thanks to their mesh. In this way, it keeps your head cool in both summer or hot ambient conditions. Uncteks mesh caps, which are preferred by many people, especially athletes, employees and students, are suitable for use in all seasons.

Some mesh cap models have a chin strap and elastic around the head. In this way, it stays on your head in all your movements. There are mesh caps with cotton mesh as well as mesh hats with waterproof fabric. Thanks to the visor of the caps, your eyes or sunglasses are protected from the sun and do not create reflections.

Mesh Cap Prices

Each of the mesh caps produced by Uncteks is produced as a special design. Therefore, their prices are higher than other hat models. Mesh hats are generally preferred by athletes. The fabric structures are sweat-proof and their designs are designed very stylishly to be compatible with your athlete identity.
If mesh caps are designed specifically for a particular institution, convenience for customers can be achieved at wholesale prices. Even if you want to buy it as a daily accessory, it is very affordable compared to the mesh caps on the market with its fabric quality and style.