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Wholesale Visor Cap



Product Information

Caps, which are one of the complementary accessories of the combinations, protect us from the cold in the winter months and provide protection against the sun’s rays in the summer months. One of the most preferred cap models in the summer months, the visor caps are both stylish and useful alternatives. Caps with visors prevent harmful rays from the sun coming directly into the eyes and can be easily taken off and worn. The caps, which are easy to choose, are also easy to carry and provide, as they have different color options.

Visor Cap features

There are caps that can be adjusted with velcro according to the head circumference of the people, as well as caps without an adjustment part. Polyester, gabardine, cotton fabrics can be used in caps. There are seams on the visors for aesthetic appearance. Hats usually consist of 5 panels and the panels have eyelets. A fabric-covered button is placed on the top of the visor caps. Although visor caps vary according to their models and materials used, they are highly preferred because they are sold at affordable prices. Visor cap models are produced in various colors and are designed by choosing colors that will not absorb the sun’s rays. Although it is used in summer, there are visor caps that are preferred in winter. Examples of these are caps made of fleece and leather. There are many models of visor caps, and new models are emerging in line with the wishes of the users. You can easily obtain a visor cap from our website.