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Product Information

Uncteks Short

Shorts that can be worn by men and women are mostly popular in summer season. Shorts can be made of different fabrics and have different styles. Some are used for sports purposes, while others are specially designed for institutions. In addition, the length of the shorts may vary. Some shorts are longer, for example bermuda shorts that end at the knee, while others are shorter. Uncteks offers the best solutions required for institutions at this point. Shorts can increase efficiency as they are generally preferred for comfort and cooling in hot weather.

Uncteks offers comfort and elegance together with its short collection that specially designed for those working in educational institutions and businesses. It is very important that the shorts to be used in places such as schools and factories should be durable, comfortable and functional and uncteks designs all shorts models in high quality to meet these needs.

Uncteks Short Quality

Each Uncteks shorts is designed from high quality fabrics carefully selected from cotton or different raw materials according to the usage area and details such as the sewing threads, buttons and zippers of the shorts are sourced from the world’s leading quality material manufacturers. Thus, Uncteks shorts preserve their form and provide a long-lasting use.

Uncteks Short Models

Cargo and bermuda shorts are two different types of bottoms popular in the summer season. Bermuda shorts are ideal for a casual and stylish look and are often straight cut, either buttoned or zipped. Bermuda shorts, which are highly preferred in business life, can be combined with Uncteks shirts or Uncteks polo t-shirts in accordance with corporate clothing style.
Cargo shorts, on the other hand, are a type of sports shorts that offer practicality thanks to their side pockets and are ideal in terms of being more useful. In hot weather, the person may get extra tired from working in places such as workshops. Cargo shorts, moreover, having the necessary technical materials easily in the pockets which affects the speed of work positively. As a result, cargo shorts, which are also ideal for physical activities, can be combined with t-shirts or polo t-shirts and a more comfortable look can be obtained.

Can Uncteks shorts models be customized?

Uncteks shorts used in schools and factories have the opportunity to be designed in accordance with the culture and style of each institution with different color and model options. The cut and details of the shorts have also been carefully considered. Also, you can choose different models such as cargo shorts with large pockets or classic cut shorts.

If you are looking for uniforms specific to your school or shorts for the needs of your institution, there is an opportunity to view the products of our collaborations, which we have worked with and who have chosen us in the Uncteks short category. Equipped with comfort and durability, the shorts offer all the features needed in business or school.