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Wholesale Canvas Skirt



XS/36-38 S/40-42 M/44-46
XL/52-54 2XL/56-58

Product Information

Canvas skirt is a skirt model preferred by many women. There are multiple variants of the canvas skirt. This diversity increases according to their designs and fabrics. Canvas skirt is a model that can be used easily in all seasons. In line with the wishes of the users, the length of the canvas skirts can also change. Uncteks offers the most useful and stylish models to users. Besides simple designs, there are also canvas skirts designed using various accessories and pockets. Depending on the preferences of the users, self-belt models are also manufactured. Canvas skirt is manufactured from thin, breathable fabric for summer season. In winter season, a thicker fabric is preferred to protect from cold air. In addition, the canvas skirt can be used easily in daily life with its designs that fit the body perfectly.

Canvas Skirt Models

There are many types of canvas skirts. Canvas skirt, manufactured in the desired fabric, is often preferred in daily life due to its cut. The comfortable cut of the skirt provides convenience while moving. Canvas skirt can be preferred in all seasons. It can be designed with or without pockets. Canvas skirt is suitable for both sports and stylish combinations. More stylish canvas skirts are obtained by adding various accessories and buttons. Canvas skirts can be manufactured in different lengths. Canvas skirts, manufactured in short, medium and long sizes, offer variety for users. It is a model that can be easily used by people of all ages. Uncteks offers all these models to users in the highest quality. Canvas skirts are preferred in business life as well as in daily life. The usage areas of canvas skirts, which are also used in special events, are quite diverse.

Canvas Skirt Prices

Canvas skirts are often preferred by women due to their comfortable use and stylish designs. In addition, canvas skirts are easy to combine together. Canvas skirts differ by the quality of the fabrics used in manufacturing. This difference also depends on the thinness and thickness of the fabric. Canvas skirts can be manufactured in different colors. At the same time, the length of the skirts can affect the price. Skirts with more fabric also affect prices. However, prices vary in bulk purchases. The sewing of canvas skirts is also one of the important factors affecting the price. Uncteks offers the best in terms of prices and quality.