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Although the importance of the doctors to whom we entrust our health with our eyes closed is an indisputable fact, we once again understood the importance of our heroes with the effect of a heavy pandemic. So what are the different uniforms/scrubs that doctors wear in the hospital?


Most of the time, the suits worn under white aprons can be in various colors. When doctors wear these uniforms, they can be easily recognized by both patients and their colleagues in the hospital. In addition, the colors of the uniforms may change according to the branches in the hospital. It is possible to choose long sleeves on the upper parts of the two-piece sets, as well as the hem lengths can be changed. The scrubs have pockets of different sizes so that doctors can put their belongings. The scrubs manufactured by our company are ergonomically designed that doctors can easily choose.

Operating Room Uniforms

Unlike other uniforms, operating room sets consist of clean short sleeve shirts, trousers, a disposable bonnet or cap, since operating rooms are more sterile. Trousers and shirts should be preferred in such a way that they do not stick to the body. The sets used in the operating room are generally preferred as green and blue colors. The reason why green and blue colors are preferred in operating rooms is to constantly warn the eye, which may become insensitive to red due to blood. In other words, it prevents the loss of vision to the red color by refreshing the vision of the eye.